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  Scottish history, kilts, tartans, language, clans and culture.


'Of all the small nations of this earth, perhaps only the Greeks
surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind' - Winston Churchill

  Here you can find Scottish History from the ancient Picts and Scots, through successive waves of migrants who contributed to the formation of modern Scotland up to the Enlightenment period.

  The clans area provides information on the development of the Scots clan system from various ancient roots to the present time, including coverage of clan genealogy and family history.

 The history of Scottish Dress shows how the modern kilt emerged from the typical ancient dress of older times.

 Tartans are described in detail, from their earliest origins, through the collecting, documenting, and modernising of the current tartan standards.

 The Scots languages show the complexity of Scots history and the many influences on our country.

 Scots culture has taken the best from many sources in its past and preserves them in a way unique to Scotland (see our new Robert Burns section).

 The Scottish cuisine is also an amalgam of the best of many historic sources, and you can find recipes and explanations of many kinds.

 Food, or course, requires drink in counterpoint, and our famous Scotch Whisky is covered in detail and accompanied by a number of traditional brews.

The above areas cover some of the most popular themes investigated by those who love Scotland. There are many others, and you can begin by visiting and trying for yourself.