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  Modern Kilt Accessories

A kilt has no pockets and so is worn with a pouch called a sporran. This was originally made of a soft deer skin, but with the development of military uniforms elaborate hard leather sporrans came into use, often with decorative silver tops and white hair facings with large tassels.

A decorative silver kilt pin adds weight to the loose bottom corner of the kilt and stops it flying around, especially while working or dancing.

A small knife called a Sgian Dubh may be worn in the the top of one of the kilt hose (socks) as part of the standard clothing worn with a kilt.

Shoes are usually leather brogues, sometimes with open lacing.

The Argyll jacket, usually in tweed, is worn with the kilt for those occasions that would otherwise require a sports jacket or lounge suit.

When the kilt is worn as formal wear, a black "Prince Charlie" jacket is usually worn with black tie.

With some ensembles, a fly plaid is added in the form of a pleated cloth in the same tartan as the kilt, cast over the shoulder and fastened below the shoulder with a plaid brooch. This gives a similar effect to the great kilt for men, and is also used as a style of evening dress for women.

Underwear is a source of debate. Traditionally the Scotsmen had a long tailed shirt to sit on and no underwear was worn. In modern times many men elect to wear underwear. The choice is yours. If worn, it should be of a colour that is in harmony with the kilt, especially if dancing!