Haddock Prawn Pillow

An authentic Scottish recipe from www.clans.org.uk


- four large smoked haddock fillets
- 8 ounces (250g) prawns
- 8 ounces (250g) spinach
- half pint (300ml) white wine
- 2 ounces (50g) chives / syboes
- 2 ounces (50g) butter
- salt and pepper to taste


  • Place a quarter of the prawns and spinach on each smoked haddock.
  • Roll each haddock around its contents and place on an oiled baking tray.
  • Put a knob of butter on top of each.
  • Cook in a pre-heated oven at 425F/220C/Gas Mark 7 for 15-20 minutes till cooked.
  • Prepare sauce:
  • Put cream and wine into a small saucepan and simmer gently till thickened.
  • Add chopped chives and seasoning and simmer on for 1 minute.
  • Presentation:
  • Place one haddock on each plate.
  • Pour over the sauce and garnish with chopped fresh chives.
  • Serve alone as a special starter, or with fresh vegetables as a main course.

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