Heather Honey Chicken

An authentic Scottish recipe from www.clans.org.uk


- a whole chicken prepared for cooking
- 3 fluid ounces cooking oil (90ml or half a cup)
- 4 fluid ounces clear heather honey (125g or half cup)
- salt and freshly ground black pepper
- 3 ounces mustard - choose your preferred strength (80g)
- half teaspoon curry powder
- 2 cloves garlic (chop or crush as preferred)


  • Place the chicken in casserole suitable for the oven.
  • Mix all the ingredients together and pour over the chicken.
  • Put on the lid and cook in a pre-heated oven at Gas Mark 4/ 375F /190C for one hour.
  • Baste the chicken with the sauce from around it and return to the oven for another half hour uncovered - till brown.
  • Serve with boiled potatoes and fresh vegetables (mashed potato also works well).

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